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DeveloperSquare LLC is an international software development company specializing in mobile and web software.



All of our IOS apps are made nativly using Objective C and Swift. Allowing for a more seemless experence for our users.


Our Android apps are built rapidly using JavaScript, this allows us to go from design to production in moments.


We use PHP to link all our apps to our servers so that we can build dynamic and larger scaled projects to target a wider audience.


We dont just make apps we are also working on desktop projects as well.

About us

The three Partners

Lewis Neal

Lewis Neal is a former Louisiana State University student athlete, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Administration and currently pursuing an NFL career. He is a serial entrepreneur who has always had a passion for creating innovative and creative concepts. Neal has adapted his creative mindset and positivity into the several businesses that he owns. He is about bringing change, solving problems, and affecting several markets for the better. With his creative mindset and positivity he reaches for nothing less than the best.

Liam Miller

Liam is an Engineer and Software Developer from the UK. He began studying Engineering in college in Sussex where he then went onto study IT after he gratuated. This is where he then began his venture into software development beginning with Web, then moving onto iOS and Android development. This is where his passion, dedication and skills are now focused.

Jon Lathrop

Jon is a resourceful catalyst of change. He focuses on the balance of logic and strategy- providing innovative ideas that solve problems and create curiosity. He is a serial entrepreneur focused on envisioning a company’s future and delivering a competitive edge.

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